The forum follows a unique flow of starting with a panel discussion where Youth will be engaged with top Business Executives, Human Resource Experts, and Entrepreneurs in an interesting debate of what differentiates the workforce today than it did a few years back and what Youth need to know today, before entering the workforce or becoming entrepreneurs. More workshops will focus on communication and presentation skills, and Business Development Services.

The Forum will have workshops targeting fresh graduates as a motivational force of encouraging them to create their own opportunities. Sessions will include; Discover your Talent, Be your own Boss. These sessions will prepare the newly graduated students to understand their values in order to identify what makes them happy to start pursue their dreams.

At the Forum, Youth entrepreneurs will interact with Business Professionals and entrepreneurs in the lectures, where they will be challenged in a different way. Youth Entrepreneurs will be asked to solve real life dilemmas that entrepreneurs are facing in an innovative way.  

The forum acts as a platform where the youth will showcase their innovative ideas to the World and how they are facing the real life challenges of putting these ideas into practice.  Business owners and entrepreneurs will share the quality of solutions  to the challenges youth face during their initial stage of start-up.

The Forum aims at encouraging and inspiring youth globally to be Future entrepreneurs. 


GYBF EXPO 2020 Workshop Topics

  • Expressing creativity to the world through the Innovation Challenge Platform
  • How to make entrepreneurial decisions and identify new business opportunities
  • Taking a systems approach, in thought and deed
  • How to set up & manage a business & choosing the right business idea
  • Doubling down on partnership
  • Making the fourth industrial revolution work for all
  • Be useful, in all that you do, all of the time
  • Co-Creation
  • The knowing – doing gap
  • The compliance – competitive advantage gap
  • Be your own boss, Discover your Talent
  • Growing your Business and quick steps to access funding for your business
  • Marketing your business on a shoe-string budget
  • Policy measures that are required to foster youth entrepreneurship
  • Become the rainmaker in your business
  • Social media marketing and it’s role in business growth & business networking
  • Cash is king – the importance of cash flow