The Hub

ELGON Youth Hub

We gather youth from all parts of Canada and around the world to attend this informative Hub to dive deeper into selfless service and equip them with the necessary life hacks and skills to live a happy life and continuously serve the community without a unending cashflow.

Life needs to be more than a pay-check and if you are thinking of a way to break the barriers that limit your success, entrepreneurship is a way how to create a better future. Starting small and growing big is the way found to greater heights, and failure should be a lesson not a life sentence. It takes courage to be successful and it only comes when you decide to leave your comfort zone, put your best foot forward and go for what you want, ready to take the risks but craving for success, that’s a true entrepreneur. 

Saving money is one essential habit an entrepreneur should adopt since an in-balance in how one manages or handles their finances would lead to great depths losing oneself and happiness along with it. The first step is to track your expenses, make a budget of what you want and what you need then decide on your priorities.

As ELGON, our main cause is to give to the community, this calls for the problem assessment for any successful project and always to engage the community as that is the only way we will surely serve the community. 

Different integrate the Youth by forming small groups where we task them to come up with different ideas as problems to communities, find solutions to them then present their findings to a group of judges.

The YOUTH HUB opens the minds to real life challenges, how to handle them, expressing oneself to the best, connect with one another, manage their finances, become prominent leaders and the best entrepreneurs. 

Join us

 We organise skilling workshops that provide exposure to a variety of topics, career guidance, confidence skills building among others. The participants are inspired to think differently, identify community challenges and come up with innovative solutions to address them.    

At the end of it all, we inspire and leave outstanding, bold and fearless youth who can look at life differently.