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Sustainable Development in Canada


As an integrated solutions company, ELGON aims to play a constructive role in Canada‘s success story. This is as relevant for solutions across the SME, Youth Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Change and digitalization chain as it is for social responsibilities. 

Meeting our social responsibilities is not viewed as a separate business activity but is totally integrated into our corporation’s sustainability strategy.

Forums, Conferences, Trainings & Seminars


Business opportunities require training, seminar, and some research. Opportunities for small start-ups or those looking to grow their businesses are showcased in our Business training Opportunity and seminar sessions. 

For more information about our upcoming trainings and seminars , and to register online, please visit our events page.

Mindfulness Meditation


We are all engaged in a continuous internal dialogue in which the meaning and emotional associations of one thought trigger the next, usually without our being consciously aware of the process.   

Meditation is one of the best ways to loosen the grip of sticky emotions and connect to our true self, which isn’t limited, angry, or fearful, but is infinite, pure consciousness. 

Meditation brings us home to the peace of present-moment awareness and gives us an experience of profound relaxation that dissolves fatigue and long-standing stresses and – as countless studies have shown – promotes both physical and emotional healing.  

Events Management


We specialize in event management, conference coordination, product launches, exhibitions, brand design, content marketing, brand activation, team building, outdoor events, forums, talk shows,  employee engagement gala dinners, and award ceremonies.

We use our expertise and resources to strategically plan each creative and logistical element, organize, manage and implement corporate events with confidence. In summary, we offer a turnkey service for all your event requirements from conceptualization through to implementation.

Looking for a full event SOLUTION? 

Let us PLAN for you.

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Every client is unique, every situation is different.

We strive hard to offer scalable and a powerful solutions for your business. Our experience in the industry help us in delivering true value solutions for all kinds of business development, event Management  needs. Give us a call today and we will be your SOLUTION.