ELGON INTERNATIONAL SOLUTIONS INC. brings to you the 2nd Annual International Mindfulness Meditation Training for Work Life Balance & Stress Management 2020 (IMMT 2020), Toronto, Canada. The  Annual International Mindfulness Meditation Training for Work Life Balance & Stress Management 2020 (IMMT 2020) is a training event that will bring professionals from all sectors, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and those who want to Learn how to Balance Life and Work through Mindfulness Meditation.

With more than 250 delegates,  our sessions will help you learn how to live a mindful life, learn how to meditate, Community YOGA in the Park on the first day, Learn to Balance Work and Life and how to live a happy and peaceful life.

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IMMT 2020

05/15/2020 - 05/17/2020


9am - 5pm Daily

Toronto, Canada

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05/15/2020 - 05/17/2020


Have you ever felt overwhelmed at Work? Too many tasks and deadlines that keep you on the roll? Are you often plagued with the feeling of being too busy, overwhelmed, or stressed? 

Do you have trouble finding time to do the things you really want and need to do? If you answered yes to these questions, you may need a lesson or two in Work life balance. We have different ways to relate to stress at work or school. I invite you to ask yourself;

How many hours each week do you usually spend at work/university or with family/friends having fun, relaxing, or self-reflecting?

• How many hours do you spend texting, tweeting, emailing, posting to social media, and browsing the net or apps?

• Are you truly present in each moment as life unfolds?

• Do you feel deeply fulfilled, joyful, and intimately in love with your life?

Work is a big part of our lives. We basically spend most of our time at our jobs. Some of us get lost into working all the time and forget about little things in life that matter as much as going to work does. But why do we get lost and we fail to create a work-life balance?

Causes are multiple: stress, exhaustion, fulfillment, lack of time, etc. But the root cause is always within us. No matter the circumstances, our response to those circumstances determine the quality of our lives.

How Can Mindfulness Meditation Improve Work-Life Balance?

How can we help ourselves? The best way I know is practicing mindfulness meditation.   

Mindfulness Meditation is the concept of taking control of ourselves, including our minds and bodies with respect to our surroundings, to become more aware of our thoughts, feelings and experiences and bring us back into the present moment.

Since work forms an integral part of our lives, we sometimes over-immerse ourselves into it. However, there are many other aspects of life besides work that need to take care of and it’s important to maintain a good work-life balance in your personal and professional life. 

Meditation helps restore us to equilibrium, which is the natural state of human existence. This is the secret to achieving a "work-life-family balance."

JOIN US in May 16-17, 2020 in Toronto as we learn to balance between work and our lives. Register for your spot NOW!

9am - 5pm Daily

Toronto, Canada


Work - Life Balance

Why is work-life balance important?

 At the end of the day, we all still need to make time for ourselves, for finding happiness amidst the obvious chaos we exist in. Striking a perfect work-life balance is important for our physical and mental health because it will help you manage our time more effectively, helping us make the most of every second, and finding a Nirvana, even if we are employed on a full-time basis. 


Work life balance is more than a fashionable term that we use. It impacts our wellbeing, personal safety, health and family life. And while some countries and companies are working towards improving work-life balance, there is a lot of work that needs to be done.

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Practices such as Mindfulness meditation can act as preventative measures against building stress. It can help you maintain a perfect balance between work and living life to the fullest. 

These exercises can help you get balance in life, help you become more flexible (both mentally and physically) and help you deal with the constant changes of the 21st Century. If you are unsure how to meditate, Register Now for this International Mindfulness Meditation Training!

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