It is All about Innovation

How We Work


At ELGON INTERNATIONAL SOLUTIONS INC. we create an enabling environment for small, medium and micro enterprises to flourish. ELGON supports the development of markets for Business Development Services, primarily through the capacity building of intermediary service deliverers but also through interventions to improve the way markets work. 

ELGON has developed considerable expertise, credibility, networks, tools and experiences that can assist employers, workers and other development practitioners in their work. ELGON uses BDS to help our clients increase their operating efficiency and grow their businesses. 

BDS Services


 At ELGON INTERNATIONAL SOLUTIONS INC. we provide Business Development Services (BDS) in the following areas;

  • Developing tailor made online social media campaigns to run      alongside the distribution strategy
  • Business Management training
  • Training and technical assistance
  • Advisory services
  • Policy and advocacy support
  • Marketing assistance
  • Market access services
  • Infrastructure services
  • Promoting business linkages and
  • support for technology and product development.

We Work With You


With BDS support from ELGON INTERNATIONAL SOLUTIONS INC. we enable micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to implement business training models, draft business plans, forecast, manage and mitigate risks, and have access to necessary business support and to sustainable infrastructure and distribution networks. 

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